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⚠️ The following TOR Links work only in Tor Browser. Download it from: https://www.torproject.org/download/

Tor versions of clearnet sites (for enchanced privacy)

Facebook facebookwkhpilnemxj7asaniu7vnjjbiltxjqhye3mhbshg7kx5tfyd.onion
Twitter twitter3e4tixl4xyajtrzo62zg5vztmjuricljdp2c5kshju4avyoid.onion
DuckDuckGo duckduckgogg42xjoc72x3sjasowoarfbgcmvfimaftt6twagswzczad.onion
Hidden wiki wikiv2z7bogl633j4ok2fs3a3ht5f45gpjtiasmqwuxacclxek4u47qd.onion

Commercial TOR markets

Site URL in TOR (OnionV3 Link)
Horizon CARDS cards7ndxk4fuctkgwmeq46gx6bhzt57sg4l2nbwa2p3vjnvq4trhkad.onion
NVIDIA Hardware nvidialkagnt37uon4hnwkz7xruhlpipeaz6j6zlugqf4mlpdfp6hgqd.onion
WeedX weeeedxejprore6lprzg5xwgkujwi27yk6vdj2qtizxoxm7dqe52vaid.onion
GiftTo(r) giftto33ep564ztvpc6652xt4vkupphghcvtxqwpxi6gq5k2fmjd4zid.onion
Chemi5 chemi5wtn2hs27wlwgaosi663wswrutofqzhvrjb2ogtxpb42gezebqd.onion
E M P I R E empirebhczt2s4yprurhtqvkvnt6rvxqlaxfyniqec643vird7gi7cid.onion
MoneYUU moneyuu7hga6jpcfbamefsjwkv3bez3b3hkczpfzjb5zneunpqdh2uyd.onion
Kingz Service kingz3mfshjqfij3pkjq2fkknjqb6dhdvctmfc6bnstla7ms6vjyjgid.onion
Paypal World payplb3mm5bdkns6v7xou7xeefcl5bqedofcpnd462rw4gm4xbbwfpad.onion
Account Store accountmwyiilytqztx6s45k5a6ud57x3gzmtumljheym5lqwelapaid.onion
Apple World applbwku7dfadkfkumiojsbxekuiafpr44idl7bxb2xll6neykvx35id.onion
Hackerpass hackeoyrzjy3ob4cdr2q56bgp7cpatruphcxvgbfsiw6zeqcc36e4ryd.onion
Breaking Bad Forum bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onion

Email Providers (Tor Hidden Service)

Provider Tor Link
ProtonMail protonmailrmez3lotccipshtkleegetolb73fuirgj7r4o4vfu7ozyd.onion
D.N.M.X dnmxjaitaiafwmss2lx7tbs5bv66l7vjdmb5mtb3yqpxqhk3it5zivad.onion
Site Dark web link
Mempool.space (BTC only) mempoolhqx4isw62xs7abwphsq7ldayuidyx2v2oethdhhj6mlo2r6ad.onion
Monero Official monerotoruzizulg5ttgat2emf4d6fbmiea25detrmmy7erypseyteyd.onion

How to access dark net?

To enter darknet, download Tor Browser. It’s a modified Firefox that allows access to the dark web and is configured for higher security.

You may get Tor Browser for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android here:


For iOS the recommended browser is Onion Browser:


Alternatively you can use Brave Browser. It supports Tor and Onion protocols. It’s simple to use, and avaible on both desktop and mobile devices


Is it legal to enter dark web?

Using Tor is legal in most countries. It’s illegal to perform certain activities, depending on your residency these may include: buying or selling drugs, weapons, counterfeit money, abusive materials etc.

What is darknet?

The Web consists of three large areas:

What is Tor?

Tor (The Onion Router) is an open-source software that bounces Internet traffic through a worldwide network consisting of almost million relays in order to hide user’s location and protect him against surveillance or traffic analysis. Tor makes more difficult to trace Internet activity: websites visits, online posts, instant messages and other communication forms.

How Tor works?

Your traffic passes through 3 intermediate nodes before reaching destination. Each of the 3 nodes has separate layer of encryption and nobody who watches your connection can read what you send and where.

Tor layers

What are hidden services?

Hidden services are accessible only within Tor network. Their domain names end with .onion. They are not indexed by any public search engine. The only way to enter .onion sites is to know equal address. You can find some example deep web links in table above.

How to find hidden services

There are many tor link lists, wikis and catalogues where you can find addresses to .onion sites. There are also many link lists in clearnet but majority of them is not updated and most links do not work. It’s standard that hidden services work for small amount of time and dissappear forever.

This github page is maintained by voluteers, that makes this page get updated more often - to provide better access to information.

There are some darknet search engines mostly created by amateurs and they are very limited due to hidden services nature.

Before accessing any darknet site, make sure that it’s legal in your country to browse content that they contain.

Who created Tor?

The idea of onion routing was created in 1995 at the U.S. Naval Research Lab by David Goldschlag, Mike Reed and Paul Syverson in effect of a research to find a way to create Internet connections that don’t reveal who is talking to whom. The reason was to protect US intelligence communications online.

In early 2000s, Roger Dingledine (MIT graduate) with Paul Syverson began working on the onion routing project created at Naval Research Lab. To distinguish their work from other efforts, they named the project Tor (The Onion Routing).

Tor was oficially deployed in October 2002 and its source code was released under a free and open software license. In December 2006 computer scientists Roger Dingledine, Nick Mathewson and five others founded The Tor Project research-education nonprofit organization that is responsible for maintaining the software.

Tor is supported by US government, many NGOs, private foundations, research institutions, private companies and over 20,000 personal donations from people from around the World.




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